Play with your difference.

This is our vision ! We are an orthopedic design studio unique in the world. As designer, we are specialized in orthopedic devices customization with one goal in mind : let each person express their personality and style in the world.

From “ready-made” designs of our catalogs to customized creations, we offer 3 different levels of customization. For every style and every age, at once affordable, inspired and of quality. ♯yourstyleyourdifference


A "collaborative" orthopedic design studio.

We working with orthopedic professionals, their patients but also a network of talented artists, to create together unique and contemporary designs.

1. Choose your service! 2. Choose the material you want to receive your printed design: Laminating fabric, Transfer paper or Lycra (All of our designs are printable on these 3 materials) 3. Contact-us 😃
1. Choose your service
2. Talk to your orthoprothetist or contact-us 😃

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