Play with your difference.

This is our vision ! We are an orthopedic design studio unique in the world. As designer, we are specialized in orthopedic devices customization with one goal in mind : let each person express their personality and style in the world.

From “ready-made” designs of our catalogs to customized creations, we offer 3 different levels of customization. For every style and every age, at once affordable, inspired and of quality. ♯yourstyleyourdifference


A "collaborative" orthopedic design studio.

We working with orthopedic professionals, their patients but also a network of talented artists, to create together unique and contemporary designs.

1. Choose your service! 2. Choose the material you want to receive your printed design: Laminating fabric, Transfer paper or Lycra (All of our designs are printable on these 3 materials) 3. Contact-us 😃
1. Choose your service
2. Talk to your orthoprothetist or contact-us 😃
Team U-exist intervenes in the conception and creation of designs. Then the impression of this designs on adapted materials for othopedic devices application. Once printed, we confide our transfers to orthoprothetist, who, in his worksop, applies the design his apparatus patient.

U-exist in video.


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